How much can I expect to improve?

In my experience, there is really no limit to how much students can improve. Score increases are a result of three factors: innate ability, instruction, and investment. There isn't much we can do about the first one, but the last two are completely in your hands.  Having a good instructor is essential to excelling, but so is the amount of time you put into studying.  I've seen students who came to me with an initial score in the low 140's and were able to hit the stratosphere and score in the 170's. 

My issue is timing, especially on the logic games. Can you help with that?

I can't tell you how many students say that if they had more time they would do better. I know. But that's the point - you don't! The time limitations exist to assess how well you  understand the material. An expert at logic games doesn't need 10 minutes to solve the puzzle,  sometimes just 4 minutes is enough! Why? Because we've become so good at making deductions, we know how to find them quickly and efficiently. This is what you need to learn. 

Can I really improve on Reading Comprehension?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Reading comprehension is just as standardized  as any other section on the exam. Learning how to excel at reading comprehension requires you to understand what the test writers are looking for. I  train students how to read the passages effectively so they know exactly how to answer the questions. 

Should I take a class or work with a tutor?

That really depends on time and budget. The most effective way to prepare for the exam is working with someone one on one. If your tutor is well-trained, she will know how to tailor the lessons to your needs and not waste your time on concepts that you already understand. She will also know how to break down the lessons so that you understand them. That said, working with a tutor is naturally more expensive than taking a course. But if you have the budget for it, it's worth it. Remember, the LSAT is the single most important factor in getting you into Law School. 

A class can serve you if you don't have a budget for a private tutor. I suggest this only for people who are self-starters and learn well in groups. At this point in your life , you should be adept at your learning style. How do you do in a classroom setting? Do you ask questions when you don't understand or do you hesitate out of embarrassment?  This is important to know before you spend $1500 or more on a class and get nothing out of it. 

What are your guarantees?

I offer a money back guarantee on the first hour of tutoring only. If you are not happy for any reason, I will gladly refund your  hour. After that, however, tutoring sessions and packages are not refundable.