Real Talk from Real Students

Melissa G., Standford Law 2020

"Leonarda was an exceptional tutor. I had studied on my own for nearly a year before coming to her and she was able to crystallize concepts I still hadn’t picked up on independently! Her wit and sense of humor made studying for the LSAT a fun occasion rather than a daunting challenge! Very organized and uses time well so you get every cent worth of the session!"

Jason G. Columbia Law, 2021

"Leonarda brought me from a 155 to a 172. I've had a few tutors in my time at NYU, and she was by far the most helpful and personable." 

Kujtesa J., CUNY Law 2021

"Leonarda is an excellent tutor who knows her stuff. She is able to present concepts in a way that’s easily understandable. She is the best!!!" 

Martin L., Fordham U

"Leonarda has been nothing short of a lifesaver in helping me study for the exam. Despite always earning excellent grades, I've always struggled on standardized tests. She's not only helped me raise my score, but she's also taught me how to study better and more efficiently. That she is kind, thoughtful, and earnest in her tutoring approach in addition to being brilliant testifies that she is one of the rare tutors who are the total package and worth working with." 

Jessica G., Columbia U

"Leonarda is quite simply, the best. She knows her stuff and somehow finds a way to make extremely dry material easy to digest and even fun. I would recommend her to anyone who is studying for the test and wants 1 on 1 attention with a true subject matter expert." 

Sarah M., NYU Law 2016

"Leonarda is a fantastic tutor and improved my score by ~5 points. She is genuine, listens to what the student is struggling with and focuses on improving things at a granular level that then leads to significant more broad improvements. She has attention to detail to catch areas where a student is missing something or is struggling, but may not know it. I would recommend her to anyone taking the LSAT that is looking to score higher than a general class can provide."